What We Sound Like

What We Sound Like

Jazz Trio in Ottawa

Below are a number of videos with short clips of the group performing various songs. Showcased are a number of musical instrument combinations. In addition, there are many other musical instrument configurations we can perform in, depending on what you would like for your event. Looking for a jazz trio in Ottawa? We got it! Quartet? Quintet? 10 piece band? All covered. Furthermore, we can add a dedicated vocalist (or an instrumentalist who can also provide vocals).

Whether you are looking for a jazz trio in Ottawa or a Quartet/Quintet/other configuration- Sit back, relax and enjoy the ambiance and “finishing touch” one of the most versatile jazz bands in Ottawa will add to your event!

The names of the songs, music composers and lyricists for each of the songs appears in the videos when each song is playing.

capitalJAZZ Quartet (Piano, Upright Bass, Saxophone and Drums)
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capitalJAZZ Trio (Guitar, Upright Bass and Drums)

capitalJAZZ Trio (Piano, Upright Bass and Drums)

capitalJAZZ Septet (Piano, Upright Bass, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet and Drums)

capitalJAZZ Trombone Feature (many combinations of instruments can be included)

capitalJAZZ Trumpet Feature (many combinations of instruments can be included)

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