Customize The Ensemble For Your Event

Customize The Ensemble For Your Event

Below is some info on the various ways in which you can customize the group to meet the needs of your event. Have fun checking out the different ways in which you can involve us in your special day! Jazz it up or jazz it down! Rest assured however, that if you do not want to do an in depth customization of the ensemble, we can simply take care of it for you and suggest a configuration that we know from experience should work for your event.

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Number of Musicians


Musical Instruments You Can Choose From


Performing Outdoors


Length of Booking


The Music Schedule


Dress Code


Simultaneous Set-Ups in Multiple Rooms/Locations and/or Multiple Ensembles Performing Simultaneously in Different Rooms/Locations


Set Up and Pack Up


Optional Full Sound System and Lights and Professional Sound Technician




Below are some ways in which we can add something to your event or special day. Click  on a type of event below to learn about some of the commons ways in which the ensemble can be incorporated into various types of events (drop down text).



Corporate Event


Business/Office Party


House Party/Backyard Party


Birthday Party


Holiday Parties


New Years Eve






Other Types of Events


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