What We Provide

What We Provide

Ottawa Jazz Band

We are an Ottawa jazz band and a group of professional musicians, who provide completely live jazz music. Our Ottawa jazz band can be customized to suit the specific nature and requirements of your event. The musical instruments, the dress code, the number of musicians and the entire schedule that the group will follow is tailored to your event. We work with you in a very responsive and efficient manner to get everything organized the way you need it (and ahead of time) with minimal work required on your end. We provide and set up all of the musical equipment necessary. All of the musicians that work in “capitalJAZZ are experienced and professional musicians. The musicians provide their own equipment and perform on well maintained, professional level musical instruments.

The music the band plays is suitable for background music (i.e. situations where people are talking, eating or other activities are going on). The music the group plays is not designed for dancing or for concerts where music is the main attraction that people are specifically coming to see (i.e. festivals, ticketed events or personal concerts etc..). Please note that the group is not currently well versed in French.

“capitalJAZZ” is an Ottawa jazz band providing classy, subtle live background jazz music for almost any type of event. The ensemble plays in a wide variety of feels within the jazz style. When you invite the group to provide music for your wedding or special event  you can expect to experience fun swing, serene bossa nova’s, relaxed funk and gentle jazz ballads. The ensembles goal is to entertain and provide a classy atmosphere by providing background music, and as such, the music remains subtle and does not over power your event unless you have requested that we be a more featured aspect. If customization is required, there are many variables that you can adjust to your preferences, including the specific musical instruments, the number of musicians, whether or not vocals will be included, the dress code the musicians will follow, the performance/break schedule, the scheduling of the groups set up and pack up, the booking length and many other aspects. We can provide music in more then one room at your events venue and can even have multiple ensembles performing in different rooms or locations at the same time if it helps you to achieve the event you want. The ensemble and the way in which it will fit into your event can be adjusted in many different ways so as to fit your needs. Whether your event is formal, casual or anything in between, we can “jazz it up or jazz it down” to match. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ambiance and “finishing touch” this group will add to your event!

We work with you in a very responsive and efficient manner to get everything organized the way you need it (and ahead of time) with minimal work required on your end. We provide and set up all of the musical equipment necessary. The music the band normally performs only requires basic minimal instrument amplifiers. However, if the size of the room, the type of event or the type of music requires it, we can also provide (at your request) a full professional sound system with lights and a professional sound technician to run it for the event (load in, set up, and load out included). In these cases we can also provide a microphone for speeches if they will be made at the event as well as recorded music to be played during our short breaks. This option provides you with more of a “one stop shop” so that you do not have to contract multiple vendors separately. We can take care of it for you!

This Ottawa jazz band is formed by professional musicians from the Ottawa/Gatineau and surrounding areas. As an Ottawa jazz band, the group is dedicated to client service and is available to perform in the Ottawa/Gatineau region and many other areas of Ontario and Quebec.

Some highlights for the group over the last 3 or 4 years include performing for at 2 events for MP/Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, performing for wedding cocktail hours at The Chateau Laurier, The NAC (private event room) and performing for corporate events at The National Gallery of Canada, The Westin Hotel (Ottawa) and The Shaw Center.

During the booking process you will be provided with answers to questions you may have, will have the opportunity to provide us with all the info you need us to have and will be given any info you may require so that you feel satisfied that you have booked the right music for your event and that the musicians have the information they need in order to use their own initiative to fulfill the engagement based on your specifications. Before your booking is confirmed you will be able to choose the number of musicians and the specific instruments the band will play (or we can take care of arranging an appropriate band for you based on details you can provide relating to your event and what you hope to achieve with the music). The time the musicians set up, pack up, the music schedule and the dress code the musicians will follow can all be customized to suit your personal event. During your event the band can also easily and efficiently re arrange their playing schedule to accommodate impromptu speeches and other activities that may come up which we know are important to you and the success of your event.

We are not just an Ottawa Jazz band- if needed, we can also provide a sound system and lights for our performance!

Musical instruments available to choose from include piano, saxophone, jazz drums, dedicated vocalist, bass, jazz guitar, trumpet, Latin percussion, trombone, flute, clarinet and many more.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to request more info.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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