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Gatineau Jazz

Whether you need the group for some Ottawa Jazz, Gatineau jazz or for a surrounding area- we’ve got your covered with our group “capitalJAZZ”!

We travel to many areas in the Ottawa/Gatineau region as well as surrounding areas. Ottawa Jazz, Gatineau jazz, Kingston Jazz, Montreal Jazz or surrounding areas- we’re there!

Please note that you will always be provided with an exact confirmed fee before you confirm your booking.

When organizing a booking, we work with you in a very responsive and efficient manner in order to get everything organized the way you need it (ahead of time) with minimal work required on your end. We are self sufficient, and efficient.

If you would like to receive a free quote, please feel free to send us an email and say hi! You can approach this in 2 basic ways:

For a basic estimate, you can simply provide us with whatever general info you may currently have and we can provide you with a number of different options with fairly accurate estimated fees.

For an exact quote you can provide us with the following info (we only ask for the location and address so that we can determine the travel distance and the cost of parking).


Location: Venue name and address?

Time the musicians must have their equipment set up by:

Time the musicians can begin to pack up:

Note: The musicians will be available to provide music between the hours you have chosen above. Set up and pack up is no extra charge/already included in the price and takes place before and after these hours. Please carefully choose the time frame you think you would need the band to be available to provide music based on guest arrival time and event schedule etc.. and set the hours above in accordance with this. The musicians have busy schedules, so the time frame is one of the most important details to confirm and stick to as much as possible. Erring on the side of booking the band for slightly longer then needed is a safe bet. However, if you are trying to keep costs down, then booking the band for just the amount of time you anticipate needing is perfectly fine too. If you need advice on time frame and how to optimize it for your event and/or for your budget- we can help based on our experience.

Number of Musicians: ? (Trio, Duo, Quartet etc..)

Musical Instruments: We try to meet your preferences. However, we will let you know upfront if guaranteeing your exact instrument choices will be a problem due to short notice of the booking. In these cases, we will commit to trying get your first choice if possible and will provide a suitable alternative if we can’t (for example trying for piano but going with jazz guitar if piano is unavailable).

Instrumental music only or instrumental music with vocals included: ?

How many locations will we need to provide music in?: Will we be set up in one spot or will we need to move to a 2nd spot at some point? Also, if we need to provide music in more then one place at the same time let us know (for example, main room and hall way simultaneously etc..).

Dress Code: ? (typically we would do suit and tie/formal gown)

Do you need access to a microphone and P.A. system for guests to make speeches and announcements? We don’t provide this unless we would be bringing in a full sound system and sound technician (which is an option but not necessary). However, if you have a Sound Company or DJ, then a speech mic may already be included by them (or even by your venue). If it is not already included by any of them, it may still make sense to request this through one of them.

Do you need recorded music during the bands breaks? We may be able to provide this for a small additional fee (even when we are not providing a full sound system and a sound technician), but again you may want to check into whether or not it would make more sense for your sound company, DJ or venue to provide this depending on details. If you need us to provide this we would need to know since we would possibly need to bring a small P.A. and Ipod set up. Depending on how long the booking is and how many breaks would be involved (and how long they would be) it can be nice to actually have a short breaks from the music during the event.

Other: Are there any other special details you think we should know?

Promotional Discounts

FYI, we have a 2 new promotions on that you can use to reduce the cost of your booking.

Promotion 1

If you refer someone and they book us (for example a friend who is planning a wedding or event), we will discount the admin fee on your booking 50% (this in turn saves you some sales tax as well). Your referral would receive 10% off their admin fee.

Promotion 2

If you make a post to Facebook or Instagram linking to our website and you send it to your friends/contacts, you get 25% off the admin fee. You need to screenshot the post, email it to us and it must have some responses or comments on it from other people (you can blur out names, pictures or personally identifiable info in the comments if you want to). Bookings we may receive as a result of your Facebook and Instagram posts do not provide you further discounts on your booking and those booking themselves do not receive discounts.

You can receive both discounts and use them together on one booking (or on separate bookings if you think one might be useful for a future more expensive booking). Each discount can only be earned once per person.

The admin fee amount varies booking to booking as it is a percentage of the pre expenses/pre tax amount for the booking.

These discounts would apply to whatever the admin fee ends up being for your booking. We would explain your discount before confirming and show it clearly on the contract. Unused discounts expire after 3 years from the end of the year in which they were earned, but the band reserves the right to honor expired discounts on a case by case basis. Discounts can only be used for bookings the band is available for and discounts cannot be redeemed for anything other then a discount off the admin fee on a booking. The band reserves the right to cancel and not honor any unused discounts if capitalJAZZ decides to stop working/accepting bookings or if we have reason to believe the person with the discount acquired it through dishonest means. If a booking gets cancelled by the band (extremely unlikely), any discounts the booker is entitled to will not be paid out in any way (cash or otherwise) but will be retained by the booker and they will be able to try to redeem them again on future bookings. If the booker cancels the booking, any discount(s) the booker is entitled to will not be paid out in any way (cash or otherwise) and the band will decide on a case by case basis if the booker can retain the discount(s) and try to redeem them on future bookings (in most cases not). Individual discounts cannot be divided up and applied to more then one booking. The band fully intends to honor discounts which were acquired honestly. However, to safeguard against any unforeseen loop holes, the band must state that they reserve the right to not honor any discount for any reason.

These discounts apply to both Ottawa and Gatineau Jazz bookings as well as anywhere we accept bookings!

Thank you very much for taking the time to check out our website. We hope to be providing some Ottawa or Gatineau Jazz for you soon! Have a great day!


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