Musicians General Qualifications

Musicians General Qualifications

“capitalJAZZ” is made up of a pool of fine professional musicians from various backgrounds who make their living in music and all have one or more of the general qualifications listed below. If you would like a list of the qualifications of the specific musicians that will be forming the group for your event, please let the band leader know and they will send you a list once the booking and the musicians have been confirmed.

All of the musicians have one or more of the general qualifications listed below:

Bachelors Degree in Music

Experience Performing with Various Bands in a Variety of Musical Styles at Major Music Festivals such as The Ottawa Blues Fest and The Ottawa International Jazz Festival

International Touring Experience

Recording/Studio Experience

Experience Working as a Cruise Show Band Musician

Extensive Experience Performing Music for Weddings, Special Events, Festivals and Restaurants

Time Spent Studying With Notable World Class Musicians

Ability to Read Music

Experience Composing and Arranging Music

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