Looking For Another Style of Music?

Looking For Another Style of Music?

If jazz is not what you are looking for, we are happy to refer you (at no charge) directly to many bands in Ottawa that play other styles of music. Just email us, tell us what kind of music you are looking for and we’ll send you an email with some contact info for bands that will fit what you need. Again, this is not a paid referral or a booking service. We are simply happy to help you make contact with some of our respected musical friends and colleagues if we think they might be the right people for your event!

We can refer you to bands in the following styles:

Looking for a band that plays a style not listed? Just let us know and we’ll try to refer you to someone we know!

Full Service Wedding/Event Bands- Generally play a multitude of styles, can essentially cover anything needed, take song requests (ahead of time) and generally provide music for most (if not all) parts of the wedding including the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, dinner and dance (maybe even an after party?!?!?)

Other Bands in More Specific Styles


Classic Rock

Classical Music (various ensembles and soloists)

String Quartets


Original Music Artists/Bands and Singer/Songwriters (rock, pop, country etc..)- There are many very skilled artists in the Ottawa/Gatineau region that write and perform their own music.


Various Latin American Styles


Argentinian Fusion

Other Styles of Music Originating from Various Places Around the World

Bands That Serve The Francophone Community (Francophone Pop and Traditional Quebecois music)

Solo Vocalist

For referrals to other bands in Ottawa just send us an email! Thank you very much for taking the time to check our our website. Have a great day!

Email: info@yourjazzensemble.com

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